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Reunion Association Bulletin Board:

We need your input to share important information concerning your former crew members. PLEASE forward any news to the webmaster for posting on this page. Your message will be posted verbatim so word it how you would it like to see it.


Recently Reported Crewmember Activities and "Get-Togethers":



Recently Reported Crewmember Deaths:

The following is a list of crewmember deaths that have been reported to us.

Crewmembers on Eternal Patrol


Association By-Laws:

Completed and available for review.

Association Telephone Directory:

We are having a lot of trouble collecting information for our telephone directory. We need your full name, the period you first served on Carver, your first crew, your job description, your mailing address, e-mail address and of course your telephone number. If you are not positive that you have provided us with this information please send it to us at your earliest opportunity.

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