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Welcome to the USS George Washington Carver SSBN-656 Reunion Association Home Page. This site is dedicated to all former crewmembers that served aboard this great ship, their families, and all of those that served in the United States Submarine Force - Past, Present & Future.

Our Ship's Motto is; "Strength Through Knowledge". As you "Patrol" our Web Site we hope that you enjoy our efforts help improve your knowledge about Carver and the outstanding Crews that served her for 73 Strategic Deterrent Patrols and more than 26 Years of Proud Service to her country.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simply to renew old friendships, and create new ones, with everyone who served on our fine submarine.  Our reunions are the forum through which we will accomplish this.


We do this because we profoundly believe that we are a brotherhood of elite sailors who served on Carver and were qualified in the silent service. Based on this, we sense a need to nurture "Strength Through Knowledge" by caring for each other. 

Our objectives are as follows:

  1. To encourage and develop fellowship among Carver crew members.

  2. To establish a common forum for all of us to join with each other and share our life experiences. 

  3. To be a source of community outreach for crew members and assist in any way possible with needs they might have.

  4. To remember our Carver shipmates who have passed on.

  5. To be a source of inspiration for other submarine associations.


In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "The world will little note, nor long remember" the successes of the USS George Washington Carver.  But we who were there know, and will always know, what we did in the service of our country.

George Washington Carver

Reunion Association

Robert Bailey - Chaplain

P.O. Box 1632

Latham, NY 12110


Tel: (518) 608-6300

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