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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this site?

This site is dedicated to the men who served on the USS George Washington Carver SSBN-656. It is the official site for all communications between former crewmembers and the Reunion Association.

Who can be a member?

All former crewmembers, their families & friends. Permission to individual pages depends on what group you fall into (Crewmember, Associate Member, Admin...etc.)

How do I become a member?

You must first "Sign Up" on the "Log In" box to establish credentials with your email and password. You will be authorized by an administrator once you have been checked out. This is to keep your contact information secure from the general public. After you are authorized, you will "Log In" with your email and password. You will maintain your own password and can change it anytime you like. If you forget it, there is a link on the Log In box to reset it. This will be the only password you need for the whole site.

I did everything right so far and got authorized but I can't see certain pages...

Send an email to the explaining the problem.

I can access all the member pages but when I try to Update my Contact Information, nothing comes up.

All contact information we have gathered since 1996 is in our database and not lost. If you have provided your information in the past, it is connected to this site by the email address you have given us. If the email you signed up with is different, they can't connect. Send an email to the explaining the problem. We will sync up the emails and you will be good to go.

I don't like to sign up on these things because I don't want to be bothered by spam or sales calls...

We have taken the utmost care to make your contact information available only to former crewmembers so that you may reach out to each other. We never give any info out to the public or any kind of mailing lists. We also discourage former crewmembers from soliciting on this site or using the contact info in any inappropriate manner. Violators will have their dolphins removed immediately and will be sent to an aircraft carrier!

Every time I visit this site something is different...

That's a good thing! We are continually working on improving the interface. If you find something looks wrong or doesn't work, Send an email to the

We always welcome Comments, Concerns, Criticisms & Suggestions. Be kind to each other and especially the Reunion Association committee members, as they are all volunteers serving the ever dwindling population of Carver crewmembers.

Can I view this site on my mobile phone?

Yes. It will look a bit differently though. The Main Menu is in the "Hamburger" in the upper right corner.

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